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My name is Lisa Shafer and lam a professional child photographer in Walkersville, Maryland. From maternity and newborns to children of all ages and their families, I enjoy producing timeless portraits that capture the brief, fleeting moments of your child’s life. The stages that a child goes through pass so quickly…..and you’ll never regret having too many pictures!

From the time 1 received my first camera at age six, photography has always been a passion of mine. I love being able to capture important moments and the ability to “tell the story” through photographs. I have always loved children, and after high school, pursued a degree in Early Childhood Education. My years of teaching provided me with many wonderful opportunities to work with children and put them at ease. After my own children came along, I knew that I wanted to be their “Mommy first. llove watching them play and playing with them. It was definitely the best decision I could have made, for them and me!

In early 2005, with the support of my wonderful husband, I decided to go professional with my photography, hoping to do for you, what I have done for my family for years. It is an honor and a privilege to capture the moments of my client’s lives, and I am grateful for the opportunity


Session fee
$200 (up to four people)

Session fee includes a high-resolution CD with 20-30 images from your shoot

(due at sitting)
$ 10 for each additional person $200 (weekday)
$225 (weekend).
$300 is for Newborn studio
$325 is for Newborn on-location
*Call for pricing of larger parties — parries of 7 or more require an on-location session

Session Information

My style of photography is very relaxed, yet there are times when it is necessary to “set the stage.” I prefer to shoot a mixture of documentary style and relaxed poses in order to ensure natural, genuine portraits. You may choose from an in studio’ session or an “on-location’ session….generally at an outdoor location, such as a park. Outdoor sessions are scheduled in the morning, or a couple of hours before sunset.

I encourage families to bring snacks and special items for their children, so that they can feel comfortable in their surroundings. When children feel secure, their true personality can be captured!

Clothing is a big determining factor in the outcome of your portraits. Outfits should be carefully considered if more than one person is being photographed. Khackis, jeans, and simple solid shirts are classic choices, and sundresses are an excellent choice for girls. Of course, there is always a place for a favorite outfit or even a costume. Accessorites (hats, scarves) can also make your portraits more interesting. If shoes must be worn, choose simple ones….yet barefeet are generally preferred. Feel free to bring a few outfits and Pll be happy to help you choose.


Maternity sessions are so important to capture the fleeting time as you anticipate the arrival of a new family member. This is generally an in-studio or on-location, one-two hour session with Mom, Dad, and siblings. Most women photograph best around 34-36 weeks.



Newborns photograph best within the first 5 to 8 days of life, and are only scheduled within the first two weeks. After this time, babies prefer to stretch out, making it difficult to get the desired shots. This is an in-studio or on-location session, with baby, Mom, Dad, and siblings.

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